Power of Time

When the flowers fell down the moonlit canvas, I lost time. When the silhouette of dead cactus in the valley drank water, I bartered time. When the baby emerged from the mother's womb, I won over time.

One Above All

The eyes are high and tall, gazing down the zenith tower. People waiting, are schizophrenic, with hands on, in the Fall. Standing horizontally, laying vertically, it knacks with a frightening smile, hiding beneath the exquisite arc of sun's wear and tear. Coming to a full stop, the mountain goat goes out of the milky door.

Afternoon Cloud

In the bridged wall of Wednesday cloud, with yellow shining trees, sat two strangers so apart even amazon could fit. Click! sounded the Chernobyl ravishing the nearby nano-divers, disturbing gig-a-lights. Flawless skin, colourless pigments, hiding with a slight hint of privacy. Committing piracy. This innocent smiling face started a war, consuming hundreds of paltry decimals, … Continue reading Afternoon Cloud